A harmonious whole. Like a classic watch or a beautiful handbag, furniture accessories won't draw attention away from the entire picture — they add to it, subtly, almost imperceptibly. The result, however, is that you stand back and feel that yes, the look is perfect; everything fits.


CUTTING VASES by Jean François d'or

Cutting vases


Set of 3 tubes in gloss lacquered steel, joined by a linking-piece which also prevents them from moving apart once in position. A vase in borosilicate glass is held within each tube. Available in black or white finishes.

  • Vases: Set of 3 tubes Ø 2" (one of height 59"; one of height 51 1/4"; one of height 43 1/4"). Diameter at ground level is +/- 19 3/4''.

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