My house is your house. Don't your friends and family deserve a good sofa bed? Our designers have a few recommendations on hand to ensure that your guests don't have to face a sleepless night.


MULTY by Claude Brisson

Multy sofabed


Multy offers three positions : sofa, chaise-longue and sofabed.

  • Sofa Bed 61": H 32.5" W 65.25" D 40.5" SH 17.25"
  • Sofa Bed 63": H 32.5" W 67.25" D 43.25" SH 17.25"
  • Loveseat Bed: H 34.5" W 51.5" D 40.5" SH 17.25"
  • Chair Bed: H 32.5" W 42.5" D 40.5" SH 17.25"

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Ratings and Reviews

Average Rating: AverageAverageAverage3.6

It is the best furniture purchase I've ever made. The removable upholstery has extended its function dramatically--like when the English mastiff slept on it for a spell. It's been in the sunroom, living room, & now in a gust bedroom, where I often sleep on it. One slat has broken, & I've never known why? I'm trying to buy a second one right now, if I can get it to Kansas.
on Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our guests rave about the quality of sleep on this sofa bed. We mostly use it as a couch when people are not staying with us, and it looks good and is relatively comfortable. Our only complaint is that it is sometimes hard to convert from one use to another. Once it broke (after two years) but the store sent someone who fixed it right away.
james on Monday, November 28, 2011

i like it a lot, i think it s your best bet for a one person sofa bed. it is easy to use/flip. a little hard when u sit on it (it is not your downy most comfortable couch) but i think this makes it a better bed. i recommend it.
sammy on Sunday, May 31, 2009

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